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Atlantic Premium Shutters is an authorized dealer for Atlantic Premium Shutters.

About Atlantic Premium Shutters


Our exclusive focus is shutters that make homes incredibly beautiful. From our innovative engineering and materials, to our striking color spectrum and historical authenticity, we provide superior-quality shutters that enhance the style of inspired homes.


Uncompromising attention to detail is the hallmark of our shutters, available in various designs, 40 phenomenal colors and with custom touches that allow homeowners genuine one-of-a-kind style. While attaining this elegance is incredibly easy, it's also enduring. Atlantic Premium Shutters last for decades, requiring none of the maintenance needed by wood shutters.


Atlantic's Architectural Collection consists of the finest, fully-functional shutters available, crafted in four distinctive styles and designed to last for life using the most innovative construction. The Classic Collection brings together three popular styles, crafted exclusively with our proprietary composite wood for aesthetics and design that handily outperform lesser materials.


From Colonial, Cape Cod and French Provincial, to Tudor, Ranch and Modern Eclectic, we satisfy your architectural needs. Our shutters complement a full range of materials from stone and stucco, to fiber cement, brick and vinyl. Once they grace your home, they will not crack, split, rot, peel or flake.


Atlantic's operable shutters tell the story of the most original homes, and are often used on projects meeting strict U.S. Department of Interior standards for historic preservation. In studying the history and expansive use of shutters, we can craft them beautifully for the future. And for your sophisticated home.


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